New FoLex Crypto Exchange adds Ripple’s XRP to its list

FoLex, an all-in-one solution for crypto and fiat exchanges has recently announced that the exchange will be including Ripple’s Cryptocurrency XRP in their grand opening. FoLex has reportedly praised XRP’s struggle to emerge as one of the best cryptocurrency in the market. The exchange has also stated that listing XRP for trading has always been in its bucket list from the beginning.

Though the FoLex platform is not online yet, there has been a lot of speculations in the crypto community regarding the platform. The report has laid some of the specifications which according to the company is sure to garner hearts and interest.

Normal and Pro Mode: Looking at the wide range of users, FoLex has developed two different modes for specific users. While the platform is based on a simple and intuitive UI to maintain the normal functioning of users, professional traders have the option to use the pro mode.

ERC 20 Tokens: The users have been provided with an ERC-20 compatible wallet which also supports all other tokens running via ICOs. Hence, users can have access to all of their tokens in a single place.

FoLex Banking: The FoLex platform also provides the option to open a new bank account within the existing account which can be used for clearing/reference. So, the users can use this account to credit amount which can be used directly to buy or sell cryptos.

xRapid is Ripple’s cross border payment service solution that is being used by various banks worldwide to efficiently settle their payments. Ripple has stated that FoLex’s grand opening will serve in widening its demeanor to a greater extent.