Comparison of TOP 15 EOS Wallets

EOS ecosystem is rapidly growing. Many users try to find the best solution to store their EOS tokens. Frankly speaking, despite so many projects that provide a function of token storage, it’s really hard to choose the best EOS wallet.

In the we’ve analyzed more than 50 existing solutions for storing your EOS tokens and highlighted TOP 15 the most popular of them. Our comparison you can see in the infographic. More information about each wallet you can find in the spreadsheet.

Comparison of TOP 15 EOS Wallets [pdf version is here]

Comparison of TOP 15 EOS Wallets

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Short Description of each solution [More you can find here]

  • Infinito Wallet

     serves as a gateway for users to maximize the usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. Currently it supports cryptocurrencies such as:

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, GAS, Dash, ETC



    along with all tokens on




  • Greymass aims to build tools to enable everyone to understand and use EOS, and further, bring this ease-of-use to the masses. This is an open source software, which will act as the foundation for their full GUI Light Wallet. You can choose your desired API node to vote, which is a way more secure solution than voting through the website interface. It allows you to support your EOS and even vote for producers, which is one of the important facets of securely launching and approving the main EOS network. Currently Greymass wallet was downloaded more than 93 000 times on Github.


  • Scatter

    is a wallet which is compatible desktop and it provides chrome extension as well. It allows you create digital identities, sign transactions on the EOS blockchain using your private keys from web applications without ever exposing your keys and provide personal information easily and only when you want to. Scatter one of the most used extensions among EOS users.


  • Guarda

    is a light multicurrency wallet, which supports the most popular crypto coins and tokens including EOS, BTC, ETH, ETC, Zcash, Ripple, DASH and other multiple altcoins. It can be easily handled by any device.  The private key is stored in the device’s secure memory (local storage) and deletes itself if you log out from the wallet. Guarda allows you to smoothly shift your assets from one coin to another without registration, limits and complex verification procedures.


  • SimplEOS

    is made solely for the EOS ecosystem and fully integrated with features available in the EOS.IO software. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. EOS Rio made this wallet, which is backed with transparency and security philosophy, as it is the requisition for most of the wallets.


  • Eostoolkit

    Swiss army knife for anything


    . Integrated with


    for secure key handling. Find accounts, check account details, create accounts, transfer EOS, buy/sell ram, delegate, permission management, claim rewards (AirDrop support), name bidding, and much more. Currently on of the most recommended wallets among EOS users.


  • Exodus

    wraps solid engineering inside beautiful design. Currently supports more than

    85+ cryptocurrencies

    . Has integrated features of creating own portfolio, exchange. Exodus encrypted private keys and transaction data locally. One of the most popular wide range wallets.


  • EosWebWallet

    is Open-source, Secure (Local storage of private keys), Designed for EOS ecosystem wallet. Has Airdrop support, b

    lockchain explorer, smart contract executor, delegation/Staking/Voting Support. You can login via Scatter or create a new identity via  EoswebWallet plugin (Chrome, Firefox).


  • imToken

    is a feature-rich digital asset wallet enabling multi-chain asset management, Dapp browsing and secure, private exchange of value. Has integrated Smart contract-based decentralized trading,


  • Cobo

    is interesting wallet, because it supports Proof of Stake earning mechanics. You can deposit your PoS assets and receive staking payouts on the coins you hold, conveniently all in one app. Supports 20+ chains including ETH, EOS, TRX, and up to 500+ Multi-chain Tokens. Has 50 000+ downloads on Google Play.


  • EOS Lynx

    is created for smartphone users (Android, iPhone). Features: EOS token support, statistic of EOS usage, portfolio, dapps explorer.


  • Bitpie

    is other mobile wallet that can make transactions and use dapps with great convenience while holding assets totally under control. Features: Multi asset support, in-built exchange,  airdrop support, Dapps explorer. Flexible and dual-option trades featured by convenience and quickness. Professional KYC and anti-fraud system in compliance with regulations and laws. Currently available for Android and IPhone.


  • Hoo EOS

    is Chinese wallet, that created for EOS ecosystem. Features: support EOS tokens, instant exchange, GPU lease. We also, liked their

    Emergent Rescue





    The app is a toolkit to perform many actions on the EOS Blockchain. It allows the user to import an existing account (private key) which will be encrypted and stored securely in a local vault. The toolkit will list the account balance and resources (staked vs unstated, RAM, CPU, NET) and list the balance of all tokens. Through the simple UI the user can perform stacking and unstacking actions, buy or sell RAM, vote and set a proxy and transfer EOS or any other token to other accounts. The history view lists transfer actions (in and out).


  • Secrypto Wallet

    provides an intuitive yet secured wallet for every user from beginner to expert. Has Android and iPhone versions. Main features: EOS support, decentralized exchange among chains, airdrop channel, Dapp store.


As we mentioned before, we’ve chosen only 15 wallets among 50+ of them. Hope, you would like our work and share it with your friends. You can add own propositions and suggestions how we can improve this article via facebook or twitter.