Joe Rogan Learns About Blockchain from Dr. Ben Goertzel of SingularityNet

Host of the most popular podcast in the world The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) discussed Blockchain with Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet.

Joe Rogan hosted his 1211th podcast episode with AI genius and founder of SingularityNet Dr. Ben Goertzel. Among the topics discussed in the episode (mainly AI) they also talked about Blockchain.

So here is how Dr. Goertzel explained Blockchain to Joe Rogan.

Dr. Goertzel: “Where the blockchain comes from is a data structure where to store the data in this distributed database its stored in a chain of blocks where each block contains data…the thing is not so-called Blockchain system even uses a chain of Blocks some use a tree or a graph of blocks or something”

Joe: “is it a bad term? is there a better term?”

Dr. Goertzel: “I mean its an alright term”

Joe: “Is it like AI? Just one of those terms we are stuck with”

Dr.Goertzel: “Yea its one of those terms we are stuck with even though it’s not quite technically accurate anymore. I don’t know another buzzword for it. it’s a distributed ledger with encryption and decentralized control and Blockchain is the buzzword that’s come about for that.”

What is Ethereum Again?

Dr. Goertzel also mentioned Ethereum in his discussion. One of the main reasons why the Blockchain technology excites the AI genius is the aspect of decentralization where no one is in control.

Ben starts off by saying that Ethereum came along with a nice software framework. He called Ethereum “cool” for having the vision to become a world computer. He then goes on to talk about solidity, Vitalik, the ICO mania and how people were able to create their own artificial money.

Ben thinks that “creating artificial money is one tiny bit of the potential of what you could do with the whole Blockchain toolset”. He is particularly interested in AI’s being able to send data and processing for each other and paying each other for their transactions.

He said:

“It started with digital money, but the core technology is gonna pervade almost everything”

Blockmanity’s Take

Blockchain is probably the most abused word in tech now, and people are using it in all kinds of ways diverting from the original definition. This is bound to happen as the tech is in the early stages and there are a lot of unknowns at this point. But eventually, standards will be set by the industry and people will start using Blockchain by even not knowing what it is.

The Joe Rogan podcast gets millions of downloads, the episode already surpassed 400k views on Youtube.

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