Samsung Denies Rumors of Offering Cryptocurrency Wallet on Galaxy S10

Recently, there have been speculations that Samsung may follow the footsteps of HTC and SIRIN Labs in making blockchain smartphones. These rumors mainly started when Samsung was found to have submitted three trademark requests to the European trademark agency, which were namely ‘Blockchain Core’, ‘Blockchain KeyBox’ and ‘Blockchain KeyStore’. The filings of these submissions went into the category “Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software”.

These submissions have been interpreted as many to be hints that Samsung may develop a blockchain smartphone similar to HTC’s Exodus 1, focusing on the security for crypto users. Moreover, Samsung boasted earlier this year that their smartphones are equipped with the best security for users to store cryptocurrency and blockchain encryption keys, confirming that they are indeed aware of how popular the crypto market is.

Samsung further showed interests in the blockchain technology through its subsidiary information technology group called Samsung SDS. The group has formed a partnership with Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, to launch a blockchain pilot aimed to increase the efficiency of container-based international shipping. Furthermore, the group implemented blockchain technology in the logistics industry and launched a blockchain platform focused on financial businesses.

However, it has been confirmed that Samsung will not be dedicating a single device solely for crypto users to safely store their crypto information.  The company responded to Cointelegraph regarding the suggestion that the trademarks were filed as there are plans to install a crypto cold wallet in the Galaxy S10, saying: “Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information as the below is rumor and speculation.” Thus, it can be concluded that Samsung will not be developing a blockchain smartphone, at least for now.