BREAKING: Yellow Vest Protesters in France Coordinating a Possible Run on French Banks.

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Yellow shirt activists ‘Gilets Jaunes’, supported by up to 70% of the population are stepping up their efforts to de-throne President Macron and regain French sovereignty from the hands of the EU elites and globalists.

Calls are being made to remove Euros from French banks to destabilize the regime.

29:48 – et voilà on va retirer notre argent des banques

Source: Nicolle Maxime

Translated into English means: “and here [Act 9] we are going to withdraw our money from the banks.”

Should a coordinated run on the bank take place, the consequences for France and the wider European Community would be devastating.  Nevertheless this is potentially exciting news for the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community as sudden surge of fresh cash could be about to hit the markets…

Last weekend marked the 8th organised protests throughout France and there is no sign of it calming down with plans being made for “Act 9” to include withdrawing assets from French banks.

This is the latest escalation of events in what some people are calling the beginnings of a civil war, particularly after yellow vest activists stole a French military tank.

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To get an idea of how French people are feeling about Macron, the banks and the EU, check-out this hilarious video.


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