California to Sustainably Manage Ground Water with Blockchain and IoT

IBM has yet again announced that the global conglomerate is looking forward to implementing blockchain and IoT sensors for sustainably managing the groundwater, and simultaneously addressing drought issues in California.

To achieve the goal, IBM Research and SweetSense, a sensor tech provider, have partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder and The Freshwater Trust to use blockchain and IoT sensors for tracking the underground water in aquifers in north California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

The project will use blockchain to share water extraction data with orbiting satellites, which will also be used for detection of rainfall and weather correlations. Cloud-hosted and smart contract-compatible IBM Blockchain Platform will store the water extraction data for the purpose. In addition, a web-based dashboard will be developed to allow the consumers track groundwater usage in real time. As claimed, this will enable the public to track the groundwater usage and manage the extra water supply by selling it to those who require it more.