Chinese Billionaire: Buy Bitcoin Now Before The Scramble Starts

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The crypto market, especially Bitcoin, has seen its fare share of ups and downs over the last months, and some people have started to freak out.

However, there have been more heartening opinions from people who still maintain a bullish sentiment even through the most turbulent times. One of these people is a Chinese billionaire that’s now urging people to jump in before it’s too late.

Nobody Cares

According to Zhao Dong, now is the best time to purchase Bitcoin because no one currently seems to care much about it as its price is relatively low.

In his opinion, very few people are really paying attention to Bitcoin right now, and that’s makes for a great opportunity for those who still believe in the crypto to buy as much as they can at the current low prices.

Zhao is a blockchain and crypto influencer who has made billions from crypto investments. Posting on a WeChat group, he expressed his optimism, saying that Bitcoin will see a fair spring through 2020 and a bull run in 2021.

BTC To Hit $50k By 2021

Just last November (2018), Zhao made a prediction that Bitcoin would be trading at around $50,000 by 2021. In fact, Zhao may not the only influential person bullish about Bitcoin.

The same month (November), Tim Draper echoed Zhao’s bullish sentiments, saying that the coin will hit $250,000 by 2022. In a separate interview, Draper had opined that the whole crypto market would be posting a total market cap of about $80 Trillion in the next 10-15 years.

Various crypto analysts have compared the rise of the digital assets market to the exponential rise of the Internet, signaling prospects of an expected major boom coming soon. Perhaps that’s the school of thought adopted by Zhao and his counterparts in the crypto market.

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